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Help me, please!

Can I edit the text that goes with a module photo?

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on 08/19/2012

I recently had a question about what type of text to use with module photos.

Now I am wondering if this is the way to change text I've used with some of my older pages.

I am thinking that I could change the alt and title text to be the same and that would do it, as in this example link below.

<p><img alt="forest mountain nature" src="/static/uploads/en/module/text/2012/07/24/2012-07-24_07-15-32_491.288x287.jpg" title="forest mountain nature" /></p>

Would that be okay?  I don't see any other way to do it without re-loading the picture and starting over.

Is this a good idea, or leave it alone?

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on 08/19/2012

Not exactly sure I understand the question correctly, but your code looks fine to me.

The "alt" text is only visible to search engines and should convey what the image is about.

The "title" text is visible as a tooltip when someone moves the mouse over it.

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Posts: 1087
on 08/20/2012

Thanks Anne.

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.

As I was re-wording my question I went to give it another look.  And now I am okay.

In the the "insert / edit image" area I have discovered that when the picture is clicked on I can make the changes to text that I was asking about.

Thanks anyway!!   I always appreciate the quick responses here.

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