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Help me, please!

Changing Intro Picture Affects Article Links?

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on 08/03/2012

I just realized that my Beach Weddings page - which I had linked on my Hydrangea Wedding page - had no photo next to it in the article listing.

I changed the intro picture yesterday.

Is changing the picture always going to affect links negatively?

I also realized that on another page the article link still had an older photo next to it.

So the intro photos don't update if they are linked someplace else on Wizzley?  I re-added the link and the photo is now correct and updated.

With the new look of the pages - with big photos (looks so nice) - I have changed a couple of mine.  Is that a no-no?


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on 08/03/2012

Hey Dusty :)

You may change the image whenever you like. That's no problem at all. The image's URL will always change though. But that doesn't matter to Google. Except somebody else used this static URL elsewhere, there's nothing to worry about. Article-list modules update themselves within 30 days. We could reduce this update interval, but I think that's not really important, because mostly preview images don't change - and if they do, it's not really bad when the image is not visible for a few days. And 30 days is the theoretical maximum time span until an update takes place. Your own article-lists can be updated by simply saving them in the editor.

Posts: 1086
on 08/04/2012

Thank you Simon.

I don't plan to keep changing them, but this info is good to know.

I appreciate the explanation.  Smile

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