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Help me, please!

Checked AdSense: page views far lower + invalid clicks

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on 07/23/2013

Something is not right with AdSense. They say that in the last 7 days I had 52 views. Now that can't be. I use my AdSense account for another Web site as well, and only the Amazon clicks on products there are in the tens. I have mostly abandoned that site, but it generates clicks as well.

So, back to Wizzley, how is it that with 348 unique visitors / 7 days (and that's not counting the bots that Google doesn't like), I'm showing only less than 52 views total?

I'm wondering if maybe there's something in the coding on Wizzley that makes Google consider some of the page views and clicks invalid activity. Here's their page on that, for those of us who wonder about it:

It says,

Here are therefore several factors that would cause a discrepancy between the statistics you register in your logs and those listed in your AdSense account. Instances that wouldn't execute the code include:

  • Spiders, robots, or crawlers from other search engines
  • Browsers that don't have JavaScript enabled or don't support JavaScript
  • Browsers that don't support the <iframe> tag
  • Programs that people may have written to grab website content

Another reason why you might see a difference between your AdSense reports and your own statistics is invalid activity.

Then there's a video that discusses invalid activity, which includes browsers that don't allow for the <iframe> tag (so that might explain part of it), and other things, such as placement of ads that tricks people into clicking -- as when you write Menu at the top of the ads, or the content tricks you into clicking on the ad.

I'm wondering if, maybe, our top sections are not done right. Maybe, according to Google, we write there stuff that doesn't relate well enough to the rest of the article? If so, could we maybe do something to base the ads on the content of the entire article?

I wanted to ask them some questions as well, but they won't let me email them, as I don't make $25/week.

Katie stated repeatedly that she was making money with AdSense. Why doesn't it add up for the rest of us? I know I only wrote 66 pages here, but I've had 28172 Impressions and  15381 Unique visitors so far. That should amount to something!

I do understand Wizzley gets a share of the impressions, too, but 52 views is far too low. Some 30 views/week come from the other site, so that leaves only 22 views/week from Wizzley. Again, I think somehow some of our views and clicks are considered invalid activity for some reason.

on 07/30/2013

This low traffic was discussed on other sites I write on. It seems Google needs to do another Panda update. My traffic is way down.

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