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Help me, please!

Chitika help...AGAIN. More questions and problems

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on 11/14/2015

When I go to my modules tab, I see that none of my clicks/impressions are being trakced. I just posted a new article and know I should have veiws, but there are none there. All I have is my chitika account name set in my wizzely settings. Is there anything else I need? I can't track my reports of chitika either, but I'm completely clueless as how to do that anyway. Please help!

Posts: 418
on 11/14/2015

Hi Carley, there are two places in the settings where you can enter your Chitika username. I made the mistake of entering mine in the wrong one. Even if you do set it up properly, you won't see any activity unless someone clicks on one of your ads. Don't expect to get rich with Chitika. There's much more potential in affiliate marketing, which is why there are probably a million or more affiliate programs.

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on 11/14/2015

Wizzley doesn't track Chitika impressions. I'm not experienced with Chitika, but I think you can find your pertinent info in your Chitika account.

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