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Help me, please!

Having problems with comments

on 05/28/2012


I'm having problems with comments. This is happening on Wizz, on Blogger, and on Hubpages, so I'm not sure if it's the way Chrome is set. I can comment in IE, but not in Chrome. I've also deleted Chrome and downloaded it again, but it seems to retain its settings. 

Any suggestions?


thanks. :)



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on 05/28/2012

Just a shot in the dark - have you installed any new extensions lately? If so, you could try to disable them, clear your cache, delete cookies, restart Chrome and try again.

Really, I'm such a dork in these things, but desperate situations may require dorky measures, right?  Embarassed

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 05/30/2012

You seem to know your stuff actually :) you may also want to reset your javascript by holding down CTRL+F5- if any updates were made this simply updates you to the latest version- sometimes mods can be sticky to the cache and this resets it....


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