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Help me, please!

How can I edit or remove a ling I cannot find?

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on 02/08/2013

I got an alert telling me there was a problem with a link and I have just tried editing the Wizzle to fix this but cannot find the link in question. So I tried removing the only link in the paragraph this applies to but cannot do that because I am unable to save the changes I have made and get a red warning again saying:

  • The following URLs do not appear to be valid:

So what do I do now please?

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on 02/08/2013

If you see a notification in your dashboard, you can simply click it off.

If there's a different problem, please give me more info about which article and module, and I can have a look.

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on 02/08/2013

If that's not the link you've removed, it responds with a 410 page not found error which is why the Wizzley module won't let it through. If it looks like you've deleted the link in the editor, open the HTML editor and check for anything that might be sneakily left behind there!

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