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Help me, please!

How does one delete insulting comments with epithets?

on 11/07/2012



How does one delete a comment. Someone put a nasty comment on my article which had nothing to do with my article but was motivated by my political blogs.


You can see the comment here.


Many thanks. Much appreciated. :)

Posts: 688
on 11/08/2012

Arlene is right, hover with your cursor over the top right corner of the comment and the x appears, click it and you will be asked for confirmation before it really gets deleted. Apart of setting all comments to moderation, you can set it also so that only logged in users can comment, that normally takes care of the ones that prefer to leave their comments anonymously ...

Posts: 1210
on 11/08/2012

set the moderation globally (I think in your profile page) to moderate and the only person people can annoy with that crap is you, and you have the power to veto the comment :) setting it at the wizzle level is tedious- thank god for global settings like the auto populating (on a new wizzle) comment box :)

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on 11/08/2012

Go to your dashboard and open the comments tab. To the left of each comment you'll find a "delete" button.

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