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How to deindex a blog

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on 06/10/2015

I have a blog that I still have a lot of material for that I have not yet put up but I decided to transfer the material here and make a series of Wizzley articles instead.  My question:

Do I have to deindex each and every blog post separately or is it enough to delete the blog from WordPress and then deindex as a whole?

on 06/10/2015

That's an interesting question. I haven't had to move an entire blog before. I suppose if you waited a few months after deletion you'd be OK, but I did recently have a few deleted articles still appear in cache for over 4 months! I was too busy at the time to remove from Google. In the past, 30 days seemed to be the longest you would have to wait for it to fall out of cache.

I am thinking that if you wanted to move them quickly, probably removing all URL would be the way to go. Your top posts would certainly show up in search as always I would think.


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