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Help me, please!

How to Search Viglink Merchants for Better Earnings

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on 02/23/2015

This is one thing which i probably dont understand. Though viglink has improved its merchant tab but still- how do you decide which merchant to work with. For example if lets say i want to write on Baby Shower, then i pick up "Family and Baby" and search for the merchants. Now i choose the commission offered and whether i am eligible or not based on 'red and green' bars. Is this the only thing i need to do? Or Am i missing something?

Also, how many merchants should i choose? Do you go with one or two merchants or more? 

I always look at the site once to see its look atleast- some are sickening and others are impressive, but i think this cannot be the criteria. 

Plz advice


Posts: 77
on 02/24/2015

I always look at the quality of the merchant website to make sure that it's attractive and will convert well. Then I look to see if there are any leaks on the site. Believe it or not some merchants actually have affiliate links on their commercial website. 

I also look at the number of return days. So if there are 60 return days, I will make a commission on any sale during hat time. I also look at the size of the commission. Usually I like about 10 percent.

There are no set rules for how many merchants you work with. Affiliate marketing is a lot of trial and error. 

Oh yes, with Viglink those green and yellow and red bars which continue to change and drive me crazy. 

It sounds to me like you've got a good handle on things.

Posts: 185
on 02/24/2015

Thanks Nelda, you have really helped me a lot. Even i have the feeling that if the website doesnt look good, it wont be able to convert well. Recently i saw a website ' which is in viglink, i liked the look of it, so felt that looks does matter when it comes to sale.

I am also in my trial and error phase, have earned only a few dollars with viglink, though i keep seeing monetised links. 

Yes, you are right i will now also look at the cookie period too which i havent done till now

Thanks again

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