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Help me, please!

I'm getting "invalid url" when I try to add the new marketing tool.

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on 09/22/2012

Where are you trying to add your referral link? If it's on one of your own pages here on Wizzley then it could be because those links and banners are meant for your own blogs and other external sites. Here is a thread which might have the information you're looking for:

: 09/09/2012 - 05:15 PM

Where can I look at it?

BTW, referral links are not meant to be placed on your own Wizzley articles, except when the topic is about writing and making money online. Otherwise, it's an irrelevant link that does not look very good on an article.

I know - a lot of people do this anyway, but it still doesn't look good. Some visitors may even perceive it as 'spammy'.

Referral links should go on your other blogs, or in your name IDs, when you comment on other, relevant sites.


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on 09/22/2012

Thanks, Nightowl! I guess I thought they were supposed to be put on our Wizzley articles. I'll have to go back and delete them.

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on 09/23/2012

We are still optimzing our new link-checker tool ... this was actually a bug that has just been fixed :) Nonetheless, Anne is right of course: partner links are supposed to be used outside Wizzley. But we don't bite when seeing a link here and there :-P

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