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Help me, please!

Image Alternative Text

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on 09/26/2011

After uploading a few pictures I have just noticed the image alternative text box.

I am assuming that entering a quality description here with relevant keywords could trigger a search result on images to find its way back to my article. Is this true?

Does the image get its own url that may be accessed separately?

Is there a separate media page?

Any information in images is appreciated. I'd like to know how to best use the images, titles, and alternative text to provide another doorway to my article.

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on 09/27/2011

Hi landocheese.

giving the images a relevant, short description is the best technique to get more visitors from Google Image Search. For the moment, the URL of the image changes into numbers while uploading, but probably we'll change that, so that the original filename will be preserved. That will further improve traffic from Google. All images can be accessed directly, but there is no media page, that lists them including their descriptions. That can be arranged on the articles manually via the image module.

What you shouldn't do, is placing lots of keywords into the alternate text. That might be interpreted as spam by Google - so don't do it; it's not worth the try. Give a simple and short description as alternate text :)



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