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Help me, please!

Mobile Format Not Presenting all My Images

Posts: 439
on 03/27/2014

Just by chance I opened wizzley on my android. I was generally pleased by how it looked, but was surprised to see that I could not sign in (I checked the forum and got this one answered for me and I understand the reasoning so it's not a problem).

What is a problem was that when I have 2 images side by side, one of them is omitted on the mobile version. Given that these are demonstration images, this IS a problem. I describe the images in the text and without the images there, it looks like a mistake.

So does that mean that we should not use the 1/2-page size images and place two side-by-side if we want our articles to be mobile-friendly, or is this something that can be fixed by the wizzley tech-team?

Posts: 77
on 03/27/2014

That's an excellent point. I'm writing a new Wizzle that refers to two videos. I placed them side by side. Your findings tell me that I need to redesign my layout. It's not anything hard now, because I'm still designing thepiece. Thanks for the heads up.

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on 03/27/2014

Erk!  I've formatted things in this way before now too.  I didn't know that they weren't working correctly on mobile.

Hopefully Simon will pick this up soon and have a tinker with the coding.

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on 03/28/2014

We will discuss this in our team conference next week. It's probably time for a design update.

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