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Help me, please!

Moving content from HP to Wizzley, question re duplicate content

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on 08/03/2011

A question  - I just joined up, and want to move most, if not all of my Hubpages Hubs over here - I was never fond of having to jump through the hurdles over at HP to keep the nofollow off, and in any case, having joined there just before Panda, I never saw any great amount of traffic. I do much better with Squidoo, but have never liked the layout there.

I had removed a Hub and reposted it here, but I still got the duplicate content notice. I'm not complaining at all about this, as I'm glad the system works! I was just wondering if this would eventually go away, as the cached version? of the Hub expires...

thanks much!

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on 08/03/2011

You are correct, Chris. Your deleted hub will eventually get de-cached by Google. It may take a few days or a few weeks, we don't know. 

In general, we recommend leaving your online real estate in place and simply re-writing your favorite topics for new articles on Wizzley. That way you increase your income opportunities.

However, if you want to delete one or more articles and then republish them on Wizzley, simply do so, and we will check for duplicate content issues when we hand-review your content.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 08/13/2011

I'd have to agree with Chefkeem on this one - basically an article that is 7 months old now on Hubpages will have to start from 0 months if you move it. And since the average page takes up to 9 months to start seeing serious traffic, often longer, it's silly to lose that.

That said, I've moved quite a bit of my content from Hubpages to Wizzley based on on their apalling treatment of members since the Panda fiasco.

I unpublished lots of hubs then left them for several weeks, waiting for them to be de-indexed by Google (put the URL directly into Google and if it shows up in search results still, with "cached" beside it, it hasn't been de-indexed), then re-published here and on other sites.

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