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Help me, please!

Multiple accounts on Wizzley.

Posts: 169
on 11/13/2011

I am thinking about opening multiple accounts on Wizzley, to focus on different categories and topics.(or personal versus business versus other topics).

I would like to have a different username and profile pic and not use twitter,

but use the same  adsense and amazon id's.

What are the rules and guidelines for doing this?

Can i use the same email address, or do i need different email addresses? Is it ok to do this?

Does anyone here have multiple accounts? are they kept separate?


Posts: 3100
on 11/13/2011

You will need a different username and different email address. Is all.

Then you can use the same affiliate-IDs (AdSense, Amazon, etc.).

Otherwise, it's OK - knock yourself out.  Smile

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
Posts: 169
on 11/13/2011

Thanks for making it so simple and easy!

Posts: 45
on 11/14/2011

Oh great, I was about to ask the same, as I've been wondering about it since Squidoo allows it, but many other sites don't.

Posts: 439
on 08/25/2012

Hi. I am curious about this as well and have questions in two areas:

(1) different usename and email address obviously, same affiliate IDs across all accounts, good and the question is: Can we use the same paypal email for all accounts?

(2) I want to keep my niche account separate from my main account because my main account has to keep my professional reputation intact and my niche account is purely sales oriented (not bad, but feel the need to keep very separate from my named account). So, asking those of you who have separate accounts - do any but your closest friends know your true identity on your unnamed accounts? Do you develop separate FB, etc, identities that require you to develop totally separate followings, meaning that some people may follow you on both/all and not know that the same individual stands behind them? It also means that you may post comments on other people's articles from the different accounts and the authors do not know it is from YOU. Do you follow other authors here from each account? 

I want to understand the ethics of this and how people handle themselves in this situation.

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