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Help me, please!

Need to add a country to country list

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on 03/21/2012

I just got started writing my article on Juba, capital city of South Sudan. To my chagrin, South Sudan is not listed on the country list.  South Sudan has been an independent country since July 2011 and I cannot list it as Sudan as that would be an insult to the brave people of South Sudan.

Can you please add South Sudan to the list?  I understand that not many people will be writing about it, but I do plan on writing a few articles on my experiences there.




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on 03/21/2012

Sheri - simply categorize like this: Travel & Places  »  Africa (Sub-Sahara) --> [your title]

New categories make only then sense, when we expect several articles on the sub/sub category.

If we add "South Sudan" as sub/sub, and you write an article with the title "South Sudan", your category path would look like this:

Travel & Places --> Africa (Sub-Sahara) --> South Sudan --> South Sudan [your title]....which would be an unnecessary duplicate

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