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Help me, please!

Nofollow showing up in page source via browser, not in the Wizzley HTML editor

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on 08/08/2011

A question, again - I've published five pages, and was checking the page code via the browser for a couple of them, and the nofollow is still there for the links within the text (ie not the Amazon etc links); what I don't get is that when I go into the HTML editor, the nofollow does not seem to appear. Is the nofollow automated, or does it come off manually? Or do you have to publish more than five pages for the effect to take place?

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on 08/08/2011

It should all work automatically, but you may have to wait a day or so.

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on 08/08/2011

Hi Chris, the nofollow-attributes are updated onlly once a day. Wait about 2 hours from now for the change :)

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