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Help me, please!

online spell check

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on 06/18/2011

My spelling is abismal. I usually hide it well, because I use the inbuilt Chrome spell checker (or the firefox one, depending on which browser I use). Unfortunately, something about the Wizzley programming disables it - not in 'coding' view, but definitely in WYSIWYG view. 

Since this problem does not appear on hubpages, I suspect something can be done to correct this. 

(I know, I'm treating the help forums as a bug report forum)

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on 06/18/2011

Yeah, I know, Katinka. We've discussed this already a few times in this forum. Unfortunately, as our developers tell us, there's an apparently well-known bug in Chrome that prevents us from using a spell-checker in our editor. I use FF for crafting my articles.

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on 06/21/2011

I am using Wizzley on Firefox on a Mac.  I right click into each box before I hit save and tick "Check spelling" and that has been working fine.

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