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Help me, please!

Reading Wizzley on Mobiles

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on 10/14/2012

Hi Simon and Hans,

I was out with a friend today, who tends to read Wizzley on her mobile phone.  She had some feedback.

  1. The Wizzley like button is greyed out on mobiles, but not on computers, for those who haven't got a Wizzley account.
  2. When adding a comment on a mobile, the captcha isn't totally visible.  The last character of the second word is missing.  You can guess what it is, if that word is a real one, but not if it's the nonsense word captcha.

But otherwise, it's all looking good!




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on 10/15/2012

Thanks Jo! The Pagewizz-Like button is grayed out, when the article has been rated already :) Otherwise, it's a bug. I'll check the captcha and see what I can do to make it fit inside the viewport ... :)

Posts: 1816
on 10/16/2012

Sorry, I forgot to subscribe and I've become too lazy about checking back.  I didn't realize that you'd responded.

She was saying that it's greyed out on brand new articles too.   I can check back if needful, after any tweaks.

I've also had another friend tell me that a comment that she left disappeared on her.  You can read what she said in the comments here.  Again, I can check with her if you need more info. <3

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