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Help me, please!

Similar Problem With Copyright

Posts: 979
on 03/09/2012

I have a similar issue with copyright and publishing as Chaz experienced this week.  I had this old article at HubPages that hasn't been pulished for months, and brought it over here to revamp and publish.  As I proceeded to print it I found it was copied to a blog, not sure how to proceed from here but would like to pursue publishing it.  This blog has my article in its entirely, plus links and my authors image!

I don't know how to contact the publisher of this site to inform them the article is no longer published at hubpages nor has it been for a long time plus I deleted the Ezine copy months ago as well, there is a link to both on the blog.

The blog its copied to in its entirety is

The link to my copy I plan to publish here is

Thanks in advance for the help on this matter

In addition I found the contact information however vague it is and sent an email, this is a copy of said email. 

My article appears on your site, while the links back to it are now dead I have republished it on another site.  I request you remove the article as you've copied it in it's entirety the original article you copied included this disclaimer to which you disregarded. 

The author of this publication, Katie McMurray owns the copyright to 
How To Stop Smoking - Kick the Habit
The rights to publish this article in print or online can only be granted by contacting me the author in writing.
You may use a brief referral to this page with intro and link back to the article directing the reader back to my post here at HubPages where they may find the story in it's entirety.

Remove my copyrighted content from your blog ASAP!
Do advise as to when you remove this article from your blog.  
Thank you!

Katie McMurray
Posts: 688
on 03/09/2012

I had a quick look at their info and followed their ip address ( it seems they are using this to host their own nameserver? You might want to contact the host if you haven't heard back from the site owner in a reasonable amount of time. Hope that helps ;-)

Posts: 979
on 03/09/2012

Thanks Sam appreciate it! Smile

It's one of those things you have to address, I can't give up the article and let it go, anyone going there would be under the impression that's my blog, page or site would they not?

Good grief even using my personal image!  That's low!

Katie McMurray
Posts: 1210
on 03/23/2012

The problem with anything you put on ezinearticles is the almost guaranteed fact that it will (and can) be used in it's entirety everywhere on the web, especially if it's really good. Granted you can go and send takedown notices it's a royal pain in the butt to do this for 100 copies of which only 3 actually followed the eza rules- but if even one of them did it right, you can't force them to remove it- EVEN if you remove your copy from the site (and especially if you did it before finding them as you have no proof that it's yours if it's gone)...

I ran into this issue when wanting to  move my eza into hubs (at hp), I couldn't because it flagged it as dupe... (luckily 90% of them were not copied woot woot!). Unless the article was getting mad traffic I don't have the patience to go and contact 100 people of which none will likely respond without further action... I wrote an article about how to fight these jerks though based on an old forum thread I replied to (that became a hub instead of hitting submit in the forum lol)... ah the fun of being popular (articles) :(


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