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Help me, please!

So I've published an article... now what?

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on 09/10/2012

Hi everyone,

I've been writing online for a while but haven't had much success - particularly post panda.

Anyone got any good tips of what to do after publishing an article nowadays? In the old days I would be trying to back link, but I'm not sure that's best anymore.

Anyway, any advice or links to good articles appreciated.




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on 09/10/2012

Write a cluster of excellent articles around the same topic, but that don't overlapp, interlink them and let time and Wizzley do the rest ;-) SY

Posts: 38
on 09/10/2012

Hey Sam. Really, that's it? :)

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on 09/11/2012

There is still a lot of debate about what you should do post Panda. The old advice is still being bandied about, and new advice would have us do nothing, and wait for the results.

IMHO forget the old advice about creating backlinks. The best suggestion I have seen is from research undertaken by Market Samurai (see Chef's offer for this software on separate thread), which is to try to achieve a balanced linking strategy. They suggest that a 'natural' looking link portfolio would see 50% of links looking like 'click here', 'see here', 'for further info' etc., 25% would have the exact URL as the link, and 25% would have 'keywords' forming a link.

My advice would be to concentrate on forming conduits for traffic to arrive at your article. Think traffic, not backlinks. If a link drives traffic, that is good. If a link is just there for the sake of having something pointing at your article, then that is not so good (maybe even bad).

So, perhaps forget about all those profile links; social bookmarking links; links on low volume forum sites etc etc. Perhaps concentrate on being active on major forum, blogs etc; utilize Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest etc; interlink articles you've written or are to write at Web 2.0 sites like Wizzley, HP and Squidoo etc.; to drive a flow of traffic from them to your articles.

Remember though not to copy and paste the words used in the link, and try to follow the 50:25:25 rule above when linking.

Then utilize the social media &etc options available: Twitter, FB, Pinterest, RSS and news broadcast (Ping) to let the world know about the information you have imparted. Again use the 50:25:25 rule to achieve this.

If the world does not know your article exists, then nobody will visit. As in the real world it needs to be promoted. But, as in the real world, few people like 'junk mail' - so make sure it is promoted in a way that the audience would like to receive it.

So, remove the idea of getting backlinks by any means possible. Think more about ways to generate traffic. When traffic flows G knows about it. When G knows about it they give the link generating the flow of traffic a kudos boost, as well as giving the recipient of the flow a boost.

And remember, G is not the only game in town, and may eventually go the way of other SE's in the past - to oblivion. So, do things that will attract other SE's etc to visit and rank your article, and by this I mean use Twitter regularly for promotion, by utilizing Twitterfeed, for example.

One thing though: this is my take on the current situation. Many others will tell you different. I am not a guru, merely someone that has found, by experimentation, that certain things work. And the experiments go on.

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on 09/11/2012

I drop by Wizzley each day to update my articles and tweet at least one of them.  I occasionally link to them in my blogs.

I surely don't know much, but that is what I do.

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on 09/11/2012

It is still the same as ever:

1. Original content based on kw research.

2. Promotion.

There are many way to promote your articles and this is only up to you. Some people like backlinking. Here are rules changing from one update to the other. The trend in my opinion goes as humagaia already said: look for traffic, not PR, dofollor, nofollow etc.

Other people like making HUGE volume of related articles. This can be great for longtails. But it is not fast.

Some people are more social and some less. I don't like FB, so I will not go for backlinks from there. I rather write couple of related articles on different sites and build authority on them, than interlink them. Backlinking is not dead, just measures of quality are different.

We love fairy tales!
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on 09/12/2012

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm looking into my social networking options and will see how that goes.

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