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Help me, please!

Thumbnail (top left corner) not showing up

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on 06/22/2012

Not too long ago there was an issue that caused a bunch of wizzles to dissappear and the programmers were on it bringing them back up and restoring them, but one of the articles/wizzles that was restored came back with a missing peice- the top left thumbnail option. The adsense flushes right against the left border of this article and in edit mode there is no option to see it, change it, or even that it exists.

When I published the article I got the two check marks (we found a thumbnail image is one of them) however although I did put one in originally before the problem happened, it's not there and there is no way to add or update it- I published the article and it's still not there.

Can you take a look at it and see if you can fix it Simon/Hans?

The article is called "The Dangers Of Cussing" (that's the link to it too).


here's A Screenshot:

- Jerrico Cry

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on 06/22/2012

Hi Jerrico, I guess the image is really lost ... however, you can simply upload it again. For the moment, I simply used the first image in the article as a replacement to fix the floating problem.

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Posts: 1210
on 06/22/2012

Thanks Simon, I was only worried about there being the capability to put an image in there and fixing that floating problem- thanks, problem solved



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