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Help me, please!

Trouble with thumbnail on facebook

Posts: 46
on 10/16/2012

Is this happening to anyone else?  I want to post a link to one of my articles on my facebook page and the only thumbnail possibilities it gives are the pictures to one of the adds on the sidebar.  No access there to the thumbnail I have on the article.

Posts: 578
on 10/16/2012

Although Facebook states, a thumbnail size of 60x60 px is sufficient, and a size of 200x200 px is recommended, we observed at times, that apparently a larger image is required. Very strange. If this is confirmed, we'll increase our minimum image size for the preview thumbnail.


Posts: 144
on 10/16/2012

Although this is not direct answer to the problem, there is another possibility - to publish a picture and a link to the article. I have seen some debate on this one and it seems this kind of posting increases the possibility to get  click on the article.

Worth some experimenting?

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