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Help me, please!

URL Adding 'Undefined' in Chrome

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on 03/03/2013

This is a head's up for Simon or Hans.


There's some weirdness happening with some Chrome browsers.  It's not all Chrome; and the error isn't confined to Wizzley.  There's more information here.  

However, I have two friends for which this is happening on Wizzley.   They can see the profile pages just fine, but as soon as they click on an article, the URL gets a random /undefined added to the URL.  This naturally sends them straight to a 404 page.

It seems that the issue may be a third party plug-in in Chrome, thus nothing to do with Wizzley.  But both of my friends say they haven't got that plug-in.  It's happening to both of them on a number of websites, not just ours.

I just wanted to give you the head's up, in case you're seeing the error logs and wondering, or you need to be in contact with someone it's happening to.   Of course, the ideal situation would be if something could be added to the javascript, which would over-ride the Chrome bug.  I don't know if that would clog your code though.

Good luck!





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on 03/05/2013

Hi Jo,

thanks for letting us know. I think, though, fixing the issue is up to Chrome. ...Anyways, we get no 404 errors of that kind reported in our Webmaster Tools in Google in we never observed it on our end, so ....


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on 03/06/2013

There's cool, Simon.

Google appears to be in no massive rush to fix this.  I've been hunting all over the internet and found lots of reports, but no solutions.   One of my friends has already switched to Firefox, which is an instant solution!

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on 03/09/2013

I've worked out how to fix it!   How to Fix 'Undefined' Being Added to a URL in Chrome

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