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Help me, please!

Viglink 101 question

Posts: 22
on 07/01/2013

I've been writing pages on wizzley, and I have what is most likely a very basic question. (Yes I read the forums, yes I read the FAQ's) 
It's about Viglinks.... I have a viglink account. Does this mean that when I want to link a product to the text of my page I -
1. Highlight the word I want linked
2. Highight the URL of the link on Amazon... WITHOUT MY ASSOCIATE ID... that is... the code in the HTTPs box up top, not the code you get when it says 'link to this page'. 
3. Then I hit the little chain button... copy in the code
4. And then publish? 
Is that all? Viglink AUTOMATICALLY connects the link to me?
Is there something I'm missing? I don't know if I can handle setting up another 2 dozen pages with stupid errors that make me a fantastic volunteer for the people at amazon.

Thanks... mp

Posts: 490
on 07/01/2013

Yes, that is correct. Have you read this page about VigLink on Wizzley? It might answer any other questions you might have about this feature.

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Posts: 22
on 07/01/2013

Thanks Nightowl,

I had read that... guess I was just a bit confused...  wasn't sure if I needed to go through Viglink to find the merchant first, and then get the link through there. 

Or maybe I was just supposed to write the pages and viglink would magically populate my page with links.

sorry... bit thick these days.


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on 07/01/2013

response to: '.... I have a viglink account.'

That's all OK, as long as you signed up to Viglink through Wizzley and don't just use a Viglink account you may have set up previously, not with Wizzley as your sponsor.

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