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Help me, please!

VigLink question

Posts: 300
on 02/28/2012

2 of the links listed in my 'best links for total revenue' and 'best merchants for total revenue' section are my own affiliate links from shareasale.  I don't think those should be listed there. 

Posts: 489
on 02/28/2012

Janet, are you seeing shareasale as the vendor? Or links to the merchant site? VigLink says they do not change links that are already affiliated (except Amazon and eBay according to our terms), so could it be perhaps that you're linking directly somewhere? Maybe with an image?

If you want me to look more into this you can send me a PM with more details. I am also trying to set up a webinar with VigLink where we can ask questions directly. Looks like we'll be able to get this done in the next couple of weeks.

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