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Help me, please!

VigLinks on MY Wizzles?

Posts: 699
on 03/21/2012

I was surprised to see viglinks on my site, since I haven't signed up for the program. Are these wizzley impressions?

Posts: 482
on 03/21/2012

Hi Digby,

Do you have an example page where you're seeing viglinks? 

If you're seeing them despite the fact that you haven't signed up then it's probably during our impressions. If automatic link insertions bother you on any given page you should be able to opt-out on a per-page basis.

If you try the opt-out on your page where you're seeing the links, do they still show up?


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Posts: 699
on 03/21/2012

If they are on your impressions - no problem. I was just kind of surprised. Thought I might have been sleepwalking again.

Posts: 232
on 03/23/2012

Not so hasty, ryank!

Wizzley have kindly given the option to opt of of Viglink which does the text link insertion on your pages. When you are in Edit Mode on your page, you'll see a section on the right hand side called more options.

Uncheck 'Enable VigLink auto link insertion'

That should do the trick.

It doesn't mean you have to lose out on Adsense or Chitika ads as well - those are very separate.

Posts: 149
on 03/23/2012


ryank: 23. Mar 2012, 03:35

Oh, I see that you mean opt-out of ads entirely.

I was thinking about putting some real time into Wizzley, but this really changes things.

I don't want my words associated with in-text links, so I'll finish my drafts and be on my way, sorry.

It's a shame because I smashed 10 million hits on 'that other site' and was going to have a go at doing the same here. 

In-text links are intrusive and if I hate them as a reader then I hate them as a writer.

Ryan you just have to opt out of Viglink auto link insertion.  It is turned on by default.  You won't see any automatic in text link if you turn that off.  As Anne said, it can be done on a page by page basis (You will find that option below the Module rearrange section while in edit mode)


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