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Help me, please!

What is the maximum recommended word count per article?

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on 12/16/2011

I know there is "A minimum of 400 words per article"

What is the maximum recommended word count per article?

for example, if it's 700 words, is that good, ideal, ok, or too much?

what if it's 1500 words?



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on 12/16/2011

It's all about quality over quantity, of course. But Google loves long, useful, well-researched, in-depth articles.

There is no "ideal" based on word count alone. However, 700 is better than 400, given the same degree of usefulness. By the same token, 1500 is better than 700.

It also depends on the topic. You might find it difficult to write 1500 absolutely exciting words about a coffee maker without repeating yourself. And visitors would probably prefer that you get to the point right away, in a conscise form (400 words).

An article about a fabulous holiday destination, however, may take up a lot more space due to descriptions of various attractions. 

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