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Help me, please!

When Zazzle Products Go "Poof"

on 03/15/2013

Hi Everyone,

Georgettejohn was sweet enough to visit my "not too old" of an article on why you should never buy a new car. Of course, this led me to looking at my article, to check on the duel module comment. To my dismay, the majority of funny bumper stickers I had posted had all disappeared!

I will never have the time to check all articles, but I know some Zazzle products do get taken down, the designer quits/leaves, etc.

How do you all handle that - minimizing zazzle product "black holes" on your articles? I'm a bit embarrassed to think traffic to the article saw a bunch of blank bumper stickers. I did put new ones up today, by the way....

For awhile, I tried to just create products I wanted to promote for various articles - but I don't have the time (I only make Zazzle now for my rv niche) and some other zazzle items by other designers are hilarious - I want to use them!

Any tips on this dilemma?

PS I don't have a lot of forum time right now while at my stepfather's house, but I will check in and I appreciate your response in advance!

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on 03/15/2013

Actually, recently it seems that zazzle has been changing some of their code and some of the images have disappeared on our articles while the product remains for sale. I just click on the product (and I think I remember clicking on the blank space) and getting the product come up just fine - so I just redo the image link and that's it.

I wonder if this is what is happening on your articles too.

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on 03/15/2013

I hadn't noticed it here but on Squidoo it seems that postcards disappeared.

It's not too often that people remove their products from Zazzle so I doubt that would be your problem. 

I just went and viewed some of my pages here and a sticker is showing blank - just a white, round image.  (edited to say that yes, the product is still there - when clicked - but who would click on a blank round thing, and I don't want to track them all down and replace the link.) I would say that is a Zazzle glitch.  It is my own sticker, so I know it has not been removed.  Right next to it is a Zazzle sticker that looks fine.   Zazzle is doing stuff - the panel has not been working for days and whenever they start making technical changes, we notice things like this.

I'd have to say the problem is on Zazzle's end and I know from reading the forum over there that many people have been missing things on their blogs and websites, but now I wonder if the image will revert back once the changes are done.

I suppose you could use the rss feed for individual products to pull from the site, but those may also show up blank at this point.


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