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Help me, please!  

Where do I check my earnings?

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on 12/16/2012

I have 6 titles and I've been Wizzing for 4 days: where do I check my earnings? Should there be a link somewhere?

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on 12/16/2012

For 4 days there's nothing to check :) but you check your earnings from all the wonderful companies sites themselves- wizzley provides a portal you can plug your amazon etc. code into and when you add links or modules (monetize) that code is activated if it's on your page views. The payments for clicks and what not are all done on your accounts on THOSE sites ( etc...). In other words you earn here collect there.

Theres more info in the help section- this site actually has one that's simple to the point and covers everything in layman :)

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on 12/16/2012

In your case: look into your Amazon Associates and Google AdSense accounts. Wizzley does not have any insights with regard to your earnings.

Fun articles, btw!  Laughing

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