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Help me, please!

Which are the best ways to share you links?

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on 09/17/2012

Hi guys,

Recently JoHarrington posted a fantastic result from someone who shared her work on reddit. Humagaia has mentioned he believes that google recognizes traffic rather than backlinks post panda, etc.

Either way, the promotion of articles looks more important than ever. Wizzley seems to support this by having the most extensive sharing options I have ever seen.

So my question is, what sharing sites do use, if you are brave enough to share your own work?

Reddit seems to be the best, but depending on your subreddit they can be quite brutal and immature - think 'youtube comments' style.

Stumbleupon also seems like a good option.

Any feedback appreciated.



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on 09/17/2012

My experience show me it is not a social site or number of 'friends', 'followers'..., it is the quality of your 'circle'. I have tried RedGage, FB and had one really good experience with Twitter. One active member (on RedGage this is a friend who earns more than couple of hundreds per year) will more likely vote on your link, rate it, comment it, share it... than hundreds of users who came there only to get a cheap backlink.

On FaceBook friends who only update their status twenty times a day are of no use. You need friends who will start a debate and heat it up if the article is right.

I had a guest blogger who's Twitter account feed was shared on several blogging platforms and he sent me hundred and fifty visitors in couple of hours. They also commented etc., so they were active, but none of them came back the next day (or month).

One of blogs I have been editing in the past got thousand hits every day when it published fresh post because the editor of one blogging community liked the topic (central heating) and shared it in front page. I didn't know anybody from this platform neither have known it exists until I checked the stats.This blog is now dead for more than a year but still gets ten to fifteen hits a day.

My conclusion: you need active, not virtual friends. From where they come is less important.

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on 09/17/2012

Good points, Tolovaj!

It's not that Google now values traffic more than before - it's the social engagement.

Google recognizes traffic only then as an authoritative "vote", when visitors engage with your page by sharing, commenting, and further bookmarking.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 09/19/2012

Chefkeem is correct, if traffic flow causes interaction then kudos is achieved, with commensurate SERPs increase.

If you want traffic from social sites then you must interact with the influencers on each site i.e. those that have followers (lots) that have followed because they listen to what the influencer says (not followers that want someone to follow them back, and never read any of the output from the 'influencer'). Do for them (first) what you would wish them to do for you - share, like, comment upon etc. Then when you have something you want promoted, hope that they reciprocate.

For instance, on Twitter why not find those that retweet frequently and have large followings?

For social interaction you need to be socially active on any particular site. It takes a lot of time. But promoting your work does have payback sometimes. 

My guess is that Jo promoted her article that got picked up by a Reddit subscriber. She may or may not know where it was picked up from. But shared it was because she promoted it. It was random of sorts, but the lucky ones that get these results usually have worked hard for their luck.

Basically, it matters not which social sites you use, as long as they are established. It is more a matter of finding those that you can interact on, and being social, and promoting at an appropriate time.

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on 09/20/2012

Promote your work anywhere and everywhere.

Alot of folk use written articles on other sites with a link back to your Wizz. Other are experts at using SEO and keyword use for their wizzes and will write good, original work based on SEO and keywords (without using black hat techniques) of their chosen niche.

Others again are becoming experts at using social media, like RedGage, Reddit, StumbleApon, Technorati, SheToldMe, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others. Like already mentioned you really need to be 'social' on these sites to gain a following who will benefit from their work.

Don't forget working offline as well. I don't know her personally but there is someone on cyberspace that gets most of her traffic from handing out business cards and she is constantly telling people,  ' I write articles and ebooks for money'. She also uses LinkedIn for promotion.

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on 09/22/2012

Thanks guys - good advice

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