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Help me, please!

Why doesn't the word counter count words?

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on 10/15/2012

I've got 900 words of content on an article, including descriptions of photos in a photo essay (since there's no slot for captions I used photo titles),  and some useful information in a link list.


Why? Because my content isn't all in text boxes, and it doesn't count content outside of text boxes. 

I'm now going to have to write over 100 words of filler. I am sure my readers don't need more content. Trust mem that is never the problem when I create an article like this!

I am sad.


I'm not really asking for help, I guess, just whinging. Sorry!

(But I wonder if I'm crazy, or if it makes sense to let the word counter count content in some other parts of the article.)

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on 10/15/2012

We've just included a few more things into the word count, making life easier for you next time. Anyway, I like your Space Shuttle article and I think it's got a nice amount of text without unnecessary blabla. As a reader, I really enjoyed getting some more information on the topic apart from the interesting photos themselves. Smile

Posts: 6
on 10/19/2012

Simon, thanks very much for a gracious reply to a rather crankily-worded post, and thanks for the solution!


Things that knock my socks off:

  1. Very helpful stats, showing sources and keywords (at least where Google consents to let us see them). :)
  2. Metadata bonanza! I love the way you've incorporate ratings into search results! Those little gold stars are helping my listing jump out even though Google is very arbitrary about whether it puts up my author photo or not. 


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