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Help me, please!

Will pages still show up on google and search engines, if they have a low page rank and author rank on wizzley?

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on 11/13/2011

When the author rank and page rankings on Wizzley are low,

Will this affect the visibility on Google and search engines?

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on 11/13/2011

No. Our page and author ranks are for internal purposes only.

However, they are an indication of the overall quality of articles and authors with regard to useful content, community involvement, image and module usage, comments given and received, reader click-outs, and several other factors (secret sauce).

A high-quality author will have better chances in Google search, simply because he/she obviously utilizes all aspects of online writing better than a low-quality author.

In other words, it's the author's effort that influences Google rankings.

Our internal rankings let the author know that he/she still has some work to do. 

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