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Help me, please!

Wondering about revenue??

Posts: 31
on 05/02/2016

Hi all, 

I have been submitting articles for a number of months and promoting them as time permits. I love the format and I really LOVE other members and most of all enjoy knowing that I am sharing information of value. So far, I have made $0. The previous mentioned is equally important if not more; Can anyone tell me how much time it takes to earn a few dollars? My expectations are not over the top and I do make money writing- still I would like to make a dollar or two here. Maybe I need more articles? Time? Doing something incorrect? Thank you in advance for input. 

Posts: 478
on 05/03/2016

Hello C.C., it depends what you're promoting. If you're promoting books, they won't sell much (in my experience). Try adding more related items to your articles -- for instance this one:

In my experience, travel-related, technology stuff sells.

Hope that helps.

Posts: 31
on 05/03/2016

It does help a whole lot. Thank you..

Posts: 77
on 05/05/2016

Amazon still rules the day for me here. It seems people click through and then by lots of non-related stuff. Although the products featured should match the article. 

Posts: 125
on 05/06/2016

Nobody ever made significant income online off 11 pages, unless they were VERY lucky. Making money online is like making money everywhere else: elbow grease, smarts, and more elbow grease.

Treat it like a job. Find out what gets you traffic. Find out what gets you sales. Build on that.

Or just write what you want and accept the payout for what it is (and isn't). 

I'm Spirituality aka Katinka Hesselink. Glimpses into my online marketing story :Marketing Spiritual - online marketing with integrity
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