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Help me, please!

Wondering what codes the code box takes...

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on 09/04/2011

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to know what codes will display before actually publishing a pages.  I have my doubts about the code I have displaying and will need to figure out what versions to link to, in that case, and how to set up the page. The code I am referencing is from Audioboo.  It displays on Blogger.  It does not display on Squidoo, but pages are played by enabling the Yahoo player. 

Of course a lot of people put their audio on YouTube, but I haven't done much with that.

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on 09/04/2011

While your article is still unpublished, you can look at it in "Page View". (See the button on top of the page.) Then you'll see what it looks like as a published page.

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