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College not worth is anymore - by frugalrvers

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on 08/28/2012

I have three grown children and one who is a freshman in high school and I read every word of this page.

The outlook here is "thinking outside the box" and it's great advice.  Parents are too quick to push college on their kids these days.  Not every kid is alike and we have become a society full of debt-ridden people.

frugalrvers wrote this great page: College Not Worth It Anymore

It has already won an Editor's Choice Award.


on 08/28/2012

Oh my gosh...THANK YOU for this dustytoes!

What a sweet, sweet thing to do...I'm glad you liked the article...and thank you Wizzley team for the Editor's Choice award...the same day I published it!

Robin and Jim

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on 08/28/2012

I agree with everything said here.  This is an excellent article, making a really valid point.

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on 08/28/2012

Congratulations, frugalrivers! 

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