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Sheri's Polyvore Article

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on 05/06/2014

I wanted to mention that Sheri Oz has written a great article on Polyvore, which many of us probably had never even heard of until now. The site seems to be a huge online gathering spot for women who like to shop. There is a learning curve as you try to figure out how it works, but once you get going it's a lot of fun.

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on 05/06/2014

I really liked them too. It was a bit overwhelming at first when I joined. Sheri made things more understandable. I really like her zazzle ones as well

on 05/06/2014

I've researched the founder as part of a series on entrepreneurs for a client (yet to be published). I like the sound of the site but as my creative streak runs to words and writing, it won't be much use to me unless I work on my Zazzle page.

As I think I've said before, I'm one of these odd types who reacts to words but not to TV or portraits. I can live with landscapes, abstracts and arty photos, but only certain types.

I really need to work on finding a photographer or artist who needs words for their pictures to make the most of Polyvore, I think. All the photographers I know are married to wordsmiths anyway so no hope there.

Described by one of my clients as 'a literary grammarian', writing, researching and reading are requirements for sanity, at least this side of the keyboard.
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on 05/06/2014

Thanks for mentioning my article, ologsinquito. I like to share fun things with others.

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