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Newbies say "hi"

A new writer introduction

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on 10/16/2014

Hi all,

I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am Marsha Camblin writing as MBC.  I have 6 or 7 articles so far and also have

some questions.

I just tried to publish a new article and got this error message:  "Your page must begin with a text or image module, or a table of contents."   I do not even see a table of contents module?

It DOES begin with both a photo and a paragraph in a text module so I'm stumped.  Perhaps I need more words?

Also I design and sell on Zazzle and I see many other writers who also do.  Many of those writers have a very large photo of their Zazzle item on one side (lets say Right) and on the left side they have written a paragraph of text.  I did ask one of those writers how she accomplished this and her reply was she uses the zazzle module but when I use the zazzle module I see NO PLACE to write a description or text of any kind????

If anyone has a fix for me please let me know.  So far I'm enjoying writing here as Wizzley and have had compliments from some of my readers that they like it better than Squidoo.

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on 10/16/2014

I had these same problems when I first signed on. It doesn't seem like anything is wrong, you just have to play around with the site. Hopefully I can help.

For the modules, you say you have an image as the first thing. I'm wondering if maybe it's an advertisement or something from Zazzle? If so, it has to be an image from the image module or you have to have a text module first.

I have yet to put up anything from the Zazzle module but I think I do know what you are talking about. So you've got your text modules and you can use multiple text modules on one article. On all of your modules, there are little arrows so you can move them up or down. There's also a double sided arrow pointing left and right. If you click on it, it makes your paragraph go to the side. If you have a another text module and you click that same arrow, it will put the paragraphs next to each other instead 1 above, 1 below; they'll be side by side. You can do this with any module, not just text modules.

If you want to put up something from Zazzle, use the module and press that double arrow. Then write about it in a text module and use the double arrow and they will appear side by side.

I hope this helps!

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on 10/17/2014

The introductory module should be followed by either a text module or image. Try changing the module and it should solve your problem. 

on 10/17/2014

*Waves at MBC*


The thing which has caught me out is that 'above the fold' means anything which shows on a screen set at 100% zoom.

I have my screen at 120% so my 'above the fold' is smaller. I've worked it out to mean that if your introduction is followed by an ad module or photo, that's not good. As soon as you put another text block in between the intro paragraph and the first photo or ad block, you'll be OK as long as this means that all that can be seen at 100% zoom is words. No ads.

It's not us, it's Google clamping down on spammification of spammy thin articles which have only photos and no text. Shame for the younger generation who seem to be more visual than wordy though, as they can lack the concentration for a long chunk of text.

Hopefully that helps and does not contradict what everyone else is saying...I've had a long week and life doesn't make sense at the moment.

Described by one of my clients as 'a literary grammarian', writing, researching and reading are requirements for sanity, at least this side of the keyboard.
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on 10/18/2014

Thanks to all of you for replies - I now have figured out how to make the text next to the zazzle and I moved a poll down in the article and replaced it with a text module and it published fine.

So nice to meet you all and get acquainted.  I'm enjoying writing for Wizzley.

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on 10/21/2014

Hello, MBC. I am new, also. So far, I am enjoying Wizzley a lot, however, I only have 2 articles up here at present. Due to my daily demands, I will most likely not be prolific - just steady. Glad you asked a question I might have had later, myself!

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