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Newbies say "hi"

Another immigrant from Suite

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on 03/19/2013

Well, I've made the jump, leaving behind about 60 articles that I wish I could take with me from Suite 101 — especially the newest ones, written when I thought Suite was getting better. I am VERY disgruntled about "wasting" my newest stuff there!

I grabbed one draft that I hadn't published (thank goodness) and put it up here. Now I have three pages in all, on the Wee Folk of Scotland and the origins of Dragon and Unicorn myths. I seem to be on a weird preternatural creatures groove here, but it's not what I usually write!

I hope to do well here at Wizzley and look forward to writing on many more topics. As a former community newspaper reporter, I have pretty eclectic interests (dogs, horses, Celtic music, playing the bodhran, drawing & painting, history, dinosaurs, etc.). Now I just need to figure out some of the ways to earn money. I have AllPosters and one other. It takes a concentrated effort to figure these things out. The writing & research is easy, the nuts & bolts not so much!

Please look over my pages and feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement. The modules are taking some getting used to.


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on 03/20/2013

Wecome to Wizzley

I love your unicorn article. You might want to add selling a book or two from amazon to add some pictures that might also earn you some money. But don't take my word for it - I consider myself still at the early learning stages.

Posts: 121
on 03/20/2013

Dear Terry

I also came from suite. I am sad that suite has gone the way it has done, but what will be will be. You will be happy here. When I signed on I was advsied to go on Chitika. Signing on with Amazon is easy. Yiyu can use the module on the article page. Well, here I am. A few weeks ago I was pleading for advice on how to get things right.

Posts: 162
on 03/20/2013

Hello Terry  Welcome. I am also from Suite.  I really like it here as there is so much more scope for creativity when creating articles.  Can't you ask suite for your articles?  I had all mine sent to me via an email and in the form of a word document.  I didn't feel right leaving them over there somehow.  However I guess if you don't get them back they will still be earning money for you.  

Everyone is very helpful and friendly here and admin are very swift at answering queries.  It's a different atmosphere altogether.   I hope you settle in ok!  

All good wishes, Kathleen 

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on 03/20/2013

Hello and welcome!

I think you will find that it is easy to write here, but I am not from Suite so I don't know what you are used to.  I know that some people move pages that were written elsewhere, but you have to do it the right way --- and I am clueless there!

I look forward to reading your pages!


Posts: 1816
on 03/20/2013

Hi Terry,

How lovely to see you here too!   I'm sure that you're going to fit in beautifully.  Wizzley has a great community, as you've already seen.

You can get all of your articles back from Suite101.  You need to e-mail them, as Kathleen has said.   I'm still umming and arring about mine there.  Some are really time sensitive, like the articles I wrote about Occupy Wall Street on the morning of September 17th.  It was one of the first ones out there.   I really would like those to retain that date stamp. 

On the other hand, anything can happen over there.  There's the worry that we'll be left with an eHow situation, but there's also the chance that we'll make loads of money.  For the moment I've left my 140 articles right there in a kind of wait and see strategy.

If you do decide to transfer them to Wizzley (or elsewhere), then you'll have to e-mail Suite for copies and ask for their deletion.   Then work around the search engines and get them delisted.   Wait about two weeks, then you'll be ok to post them here.   Wizzley doesn't allow duplicate content, but it does allow old content that's been delisted to be posted here.

A huge welcome to Wizzley!




Posts: 3100
on 03/20/2013

Welcome to Wizzley, Terry!  Smile

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on 03/20/2013

Welcome Terry, I'm a Suite refugee also. I got my start with Suite about five years ago. Did they stop letting writers remove their articles? I left when I read the memo saying that they were no longer about money, but community instead.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 22
on 03/22/2013

Welcome, Terry. I'm now Suite-less and glad to be. Before I left Suite, I input the articles I wanted to keep or rewrite into a draft form on Wizzley. Easy to do. Then I email Jennifer at Suite and asked to be removed, which she did in a day. I also received my articles in an email format from her. Not sure how to "delist" on search engines but I'm getting close to the two-week time frame and will begin publishing on Wizzley. I've yet to see any ad revenue, however. Good luck and welcome aboard. Judith Glynn

Posts: 30
on 03/22/2013

Thanks for the welcome! I have asked Suite to delete all my articles prior to 2011, since they lost all the photos that went with the stories anyway, and I am debating about taking the others off too. I think Wizzley is going to be great. It would be nice to make some money too. Suite was dismal. Fifty cents a month until Nov. 2012, when suddenly it picked up enormously, so I started writing again....and boom. What a huge disappointment!

I am looking forward to getting more stories up here.

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on 03/23/2013

Hi Terry. Welcome, good to see you. Suite's loss is definitely Wizzley's gain with a number of us fetching up here.

Hope you can get back the articles you require. When I was terminated there, I had no problem in pulling my work in its entirety, a simple email to the community@ email did it and the text of the work landed back in my inbox as a Word file a couple of hours later. No photos, but the links remained, at least for some of them. Just a bunch of 404 page not found links to wait for the search engines to hoover up before I could republish here.

But I have to say I am also adding new work as much as republishing older articles, as I'm being inspired by things I'm doing outside of Wizzley to create article webs within the site.

Described by one of my clients as 'a literary grammarian', writing, researching and reading are requirements for sanity, at least this side of the keyboard.
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