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Newbies say "hi"

Finally discovered Forum!

Posts: 26
on 03/12/2012

Hello, everyone!

My name is Mladen, and I joined Wizzley month ago, but I started writing articles 20 days after joining. I don't know why. :D

I write on Squidoo and I have a blog about bunnies. I own one so it was my first writing experience.

I am student of medical sciences, fifth year. I work in hospital for a year already, so I write about diseases every now and then. Mostly the ones that earned my attention.

I love arts, architecture, sci-fi things, space exploration, games, animals, BOOKS.... Oh, I will read anything, just to learn new stuff. I love discovering things.

I thought it would be good thing to check things on Wizzley first, and then to say 'hi' on Forum. Here I am after few weeks of having lots of fun here on Wizzley. 

Meeting new people is my passion. I met some great writers here and I am happy about it. 


See more of my work: Rabies: the Oldest Disease and my Zazzle store: M&I Zazzle Store blog
Posts: 200
on 03/13/2012

Hi Mladen,

Good to have you here on Wizzley, and on the forum Smile

Posts: 979
on 03/13/2012

Miaden, Great to have you here and welcome to both the site and forum. 

Katie McMurray
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