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Newbies say "hi"

Greetings from Annapolis

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on 04/30/2015

Hello Wizzley community!

I am a new writer who is trying out Wizzley for the first time. I even bought the how-to book from Ms. Jo Harrigton. I am here to soak up your wisdom and your insight. I have so many questions about how to be successful on this sight and just how to make the most out of my resources. If you have any advice for me, I would really appreciate it!

With love, Alisha Lutz
Posts: 1086
on 05/01/2015

Hello Alisha, and welcome to Wizzley!  If you have Jo's book, you are off to a great start.  The Wizzley admin will look at your first 5 articles before you are official here, as I understand it.  That is why your ranking will be 0 until then.  Most everyone here appreciates that the Wizzley site is full of "approved" writers so you won't find junk posted anywhere.

It's a friendly forum and we will be glad to answer your questions.  Also the FAQ section and search bar will give you more help.  Many authors have written pages to help you understand how to make money while writing here.

Best of luck!



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on 06/09/2015

Welcome, I'm not too far from Annapolis, I just moved back to Newark, Delaware.

Alex Zorach, editor of RateTea and co-founder of Why This Way
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