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Newbies say "hi"

Hello everyone!

Posts: 12
on 08/12/2011

Hi...I go by traveller27, but my real name is Heidi. I've been active on Squidoo for about 8 months, but thought I'd branch out. I'm looking forward to seeing how the community is here and the income potential, and of course, writing articles :)
Posts: 91
on 08/12/2011

Welcome, Heidi! I think you will begin to see several faces that you recognize from the other platform. What really rocks here at Wizzley is the attention to quality.

Posts: 17
on 08/13/2011

Hello Heidi. You will find many Squidoo writers here. I am one of them, have been here only for a short time, but find writing for Wizzley much easier than for Squidoo. You'll find a great community here. I read (in the past) all your squidoo lenses and took your Europe Quiz. They only thing we miss here is the quiz module, but Chef said it may come. (I hope soon)

Mivvy at Squidoo
Posts: 3100
on 08/13/2011

Welcome to Wizzley, Heidi!  Smile 

Mivvy mentioned the quiz module...our developers tell us that it might take while, because of the elaborate programming work involved. Meanwhile, I suggest playing with the poll module. The correct answers can be hidden in the "information" field, which will be revealed after the reader hits "vote". Of course we don't have any automatic score keeping in this module, but it may be a good compromise until we can feature a real quiz module.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
Posts: 200
on 08/13/2011

Welcome, Heidi!   As mivvy also mentioned, I'm finding it's easier to write on Wizzley than on Squidoo.   Not that I'm giving up Squidoo!   But currently I'm spending more time writing new material here.  I think you'll enjoy it here!

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