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Newbies say "hi"

Heya Wizzley : )

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on 10/27/2012

Hello everybody!

My name's Nate, and a pretty new writer. Experimenting with a few different platforms, but I really like what I've seen so far on wizzley! I've actually been here for a good bit now, but just gotten back into a writing kick (other projects grabbed my attention :-\ )

Definitely need to refine my writing a bit, but enjoying the ride, and from what I've read that's an important part hehe. Rambling... well, goodnight everyone, and nice to meetcha (in advance!).


Posts: 31
on 10/28/2012

Hey Nate,

Welcome aboard. 

You are surely going to like it here. Publishing and getting help is really easy here at Wizzley.

All the best!

Posts: 626
on 10/28/2012

Good morning Nate. Welcome. We are all here to help whenever you need it, and surprisingly considering other sites, so are the staff. Wizzley is a breath of fresh. And creating articles is as easy, if not easier than anywhere else. Great looking articles are enhanced with the monetizing options you have available. Take a little time to find out about Viglink, allposters, and how you are able to promote your affiliate earning opportunities.

All in all you should enjoy yourself here - and if you do, let the world know. The more good writers that create articles here the better for us all.


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on 10/28/2012

Greetings Nate, and welcome. It's a great crew here. Can't wait to read some of your articles!

Lana or LIl aka Ragtimelil RagtimeLil's Store on Weebly
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