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Newbies say "hi"

Hi from Cambodia!

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on 07/01/2011

Hi everyone!

I'm Meagan - new to Wizzley, new to online writing, in fact new to writing anything that's not for work or study.  So I have much to learn from all of you and will certainly be asking for feedback and advice from time to time!

I'm hoping to find the time to publish on several different topics and to learn all the ins and outs of writing online.

It's been fun so far...

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on 07/01/2011

You are definitely not new to writing beautifully-crafted articles, Meagan.

Or, you are a stunning "natural".   

In any case, welcome to Wizzley and thank you for the great reads!  Smile

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 07/02/2011

I have to agree: you're starting off great. 

I'm Spirituality aka Katinka Hesselink. Glimpses into my online marketing story :Marketing Spiritual - online marketing with integrity
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on 07/04/2011

I'm humbled to be hearing that from two of the greats!  Thank you.

And chefkeem, thanks also for getting my sauna article out into the twittersphere.  It took me a while to work out where everyone was coming from!!  (Soooo much to learn!)

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