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Newbies say "hi"

Hi I'm Brandon

Posts: 5
on 01/31/2012

Thought I'd get on here and introduce myself in the forums, I used to be a member over at Hubpages but kinda fell out after a while. I had heard from a friend that this was the better site for publishing so I thought I'd check it out. A little about myself, I'm currently unemployed.. Boo! I love to lift weights in a gym, I like to fool around on the Internet and I'm actually in the midst of working on my own site called What Symptoms. I've been married for almost four years now, no kids, have a mini-weenie dog. Just living life and loving God, have a good one folks.

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on 01/31/2012

Welcome Brandon, Wizzley scores quickly in the Search Engines, so maybe you can get some cash flow going! Good luck with the job search as well.

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on 02/01/2012

Welcome Brandon, great to have you here.

Katie McMurray
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