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How to tell if links are "nofollow" or "follow"

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on 06/17/2011

You can check by looking at the source code of a given page. If your links have the attribute rel="nofollow"  then they are nofollow links. Otherwise, they are considered follow links.

Another option is to install a browser plugin or addon which highlights nofollow links. One example for firefox is Quirk SearchStatus, but there are others as well.

Read more information about this topic and how Google handles "nofollow" here:

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on 06/20/2011

I had a great Firefox addon that highlighted links when I activated it, so I can quickly check - pink for nofollow, yellow for dofollow.

Problem is that the addon has not been upgraded for Firefox 4 yet Frown

It's called NoDoFollow and is compatible with older versions of Firefox

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on 08/08/2011

Hi Grace,

"follow" links pass a little "link juice" (value) from Wizzley to the target site. "Nofollow" links don't.

Some folks like to simply dump a bit of content in one article so they can get extra value for their blog. And that's all they ever do. We don't like that.

However, we gladly share our "Google juice" with serious authors who keep contributing to Wizzley.

That's why we keep all outbound links "nofollow" until the author has published 5 quality articles. Then we change them to "follow".

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on 08/09/2011

No, Grace, links you place in your content are "real", live links. Your visitors can click on them and get whisked away to where ever you want to send them.

The "nofollow" attribute is a message to the search engine spiders and is only visible in the code. This is a way to make it less appealing for spammers to post rubbish on Wizzley solely for the purpose of getting backlinks.

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