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New Categories And Subcategories For Viral Traffic

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on 04/01/2013

Dear Wizzley Authors,

you spoke, and we not only listened but took action, as well:

As of today, we will implement a new, ground-breaking system of categorizing your articles. Instead of the current jungle of 30+ top cats, hundreds of subs, and thousands of sub-subs, we'll drastically simplify the list for much easier browsing by readers and Google bots alike.

This will eliminate any further frustrations about Big Foot articles being mashed up with Pope stuff and Wiccan Weddings!

Moreover, newbies should have no more problems.

Here is the entire list of our new categories - tops, subs, and all:


Groovy Stuff 

    --> Kinda Groovy

        --> So Sixties

Heckuvan Article 

     --> Acceptable Grammar

          --> Nice Pics

Sorta Crappy

     --> 1 Or Less Aff-Links

          --> 2 Or More Self-Servers

Content You Should Read 

     --> Content You Should NOT Read

          --> Content You Should Print And Burn


Please help us improve our new system through your constructive feedback below.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
Posts: 978
on 04/01/2013

Can you say April Fools?????

Katie McMurray
Posts: 1816
on 04/01/2013

It's a triumph! 



Posts: 66
on 04/01/2013

Soooo, copying content types from the content mills huh?  Laughing

Posts: 978
on 04/01/2013

Oh yes and how's about a topic for;


Things you shouldn't read

 Hair Care

Things that make your hair red

How to avoid hair loss once bald    


Katie McMurray
on 04/01/2013


There's an article on my local news site about cyclists needing extra-wide lanes for when the Tour de France comes to town next year.

I think that should go in the category of 'let's see who falls for this'...


Described by one of my clients as 'a literary grammarian', writing, researching and reading are requirements for sanity, at least this side of the keyboard.
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