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Return of the miniature module ordering tool

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on 10/30/2012

Sam I'd think I was being naive if I thought google wouldn't have enough venues to track me that would make their spy tool chrome any more invasive. They own doubleclick for christ sakes! That's the apidemy of invasive- if you read up on double click you'll see what I mean. I tried several other browsers when ff became a useless paperweight to me...

I installed it with no plugins, no skins, just ff.... the problem isn't just in the browser but that I do so many things the "average" user doesn't, some things I have to have in there (plugins) because it raises productivity and allows me to do more- if I just used the browser to write or build wizzles, check email, and that's it it wouldn't be such a problem- but I think I've outgrown the limitations of firefox, chrome is fast, works, and let em spy on me- it's like telling them what they already know from adsense, analytics, and of course cookie hijacking :) (doubleclick)....

Simon, I'll check it out... thanks for the info!

Sam: 10/30/2012 - 01:27 PM


Jerrico_Usher: 10/30/2012 - 01:03 PM

Is there a Chrome one? FF is useless these days, dam thing barely even loads after 5 minutes then pages freeze up... reminds me of America Online... (and they used IE with a shell)... 

no idea, I refuse to use the Google Spy Tool called Chrome ;-( Firefox is very fast for me, no problems here. Perhaps you should try it again, install the latest version and don't use any fancy skins, keep addons to the minimum ect?


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