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Wizzley to Pause LinkWeaver, the Automatic Link Insertion by VigLink

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on 09/30/2012

Here's a quick heads-up that we have decided to deactivate the so-called "LinkWeaver" feature. This VigLink tool inserted text links automatically whenever they came across a word they thought was suitable to turn into an affiliate link.

We have analyzed the results over the last few months and concluded that revenue that could be attributed directly to this feature remained in the 1-5% area of all VigLink revenue. Considering that many users are put off by these type of links, and that we had no control over the amount and destination of links, we decided to retire this feature until further notice.

To be perfectly clear: This does not affect links which you placed deliberately into your articles! 

This affects only those links that were inserted without your intervention. We had a per-article check box that let you decide whether or not you wanted to enable this feature. This will be removed since it is no longer necessary.

This being said, if anyone has proof to the contrary, and can convince us that we should continue using LinkWeaver, please let us know. Currently, we don't think the actual numbers support the continued use of this, potentially annoying, feature.

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on 09/30/2012

I'm with you on this one, although I got a FEW sales from viglink links, overall I don't like not knowing what they are going to "weave" in there. I'm not seeing viglink at all as an income cash cow though, in almost 6 months I've seen a whopping 1.00 in income, one anmazon sale more than that... I havent' yet explored this thing yet fully (but I'm more expecting amazon to be the earner for me here due to that amazing gallary feature :)

Thanks for looking out for us team. I appreciate all the work your doing behind the scenes (so we don't have to!).


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on 10/01/2012

Very happy about this!

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