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Affiliate Link Tip (for wizzley signups)

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on 03/29/2012

See updated post below for 2 steps- easy peasy :)

How to turn a domain name into a Wizzley affiliate sign up link that's cloaked.


Step 1:

  • Purchase a domain name from godaddy (the one I use anyway)

Step 2:

  • Once it's propagated go into your accounts page and click into the domain settings there will be an option for "Forward Domain"
  • Set the forwarding url to your Wizzley "recruit new members" token url

I went to my profile page (you can go to any page in your account, any article, yours or anyone elses) then scroll down to the bottom links at the footer of the page under "Earn Royalties" then click the "recruit New Authors" link.

Whatever page your on will show up in the list of choices for affiliate links that will embed a cookie on your visitors computer.

Choose the one with the page/article title in the url.

Mine is:

  • Plug that url into your domain forwarding url box (where it will send visitors to your root domain i.e. if someone types in they will land on my Wizzley profile page but the url will be:
  •     I have it cloaked (a check box) so they only see ""

Wait up to 24 hours for it to propagate, I'm noticing it takes about that long. Test it the next day, if you type your domain name in and the page that comes up is the page you linked to your done.

You never have to touch it again. When you send friends to check out your articles just give them your domain name or link them to your domain name and it will take them to your profile page, AND upon arriving on Wizzley they will be cookied and if they sign up you get credit and earn 10% of their page views (so if your currently at 50% you'll make 50% of your own page impressions (with your ads on them) but 10% of your friends impressions/page views with your ad codes on it).

It's an easier way to send people sign up links, because you only have to remember your domain name, it looks more professional, and people won't cut the affiliate link off the url because they can't see it... so you get credit for every visitor.

It also doesn't look like an affiliate link but rather just a link to your profile page so if you put it in other sites i.e. your signature in forums (where allowed), facebook, or where ever- it just looks like your sending them to check out your articles/profile... easy peasy.

No hosting is required to do this- everything you need is built into the domain name and service you buy it from (they all have forwarding but godaddy does it free, some charge).
Hope this simplifies it better :)
Jerrico  Money mouth


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on 03/29/2012

I like the idea of pointing a unique domain name to a Wizzley profile. That's a good tip. The rest starts to get a little technical for me but very useful :)

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on 03/29/2012

If only I knew what you are talking about, but I'm sure a lot of people on here do know.

Brenda Reeves
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on 03/29/2012

It's a bit confusing, indeed. Wizzley (and Squidoo, etc.) has been created to take all the coding work off our shoulders, so we can focus on what we do best: create attractive articles - easily and hassle-free.  Smile

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 03/29/2012

deleted (out dated)

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on 03/29/2012

This sounds good but I have no clue how to do it. If you could write this in easy language, maybe do an aritcle on it so that we could follow it in a few easy steps, otherwise, I just want to write and enjoy this site, which I am finding really fun.

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on 03/30/2012

Updated original post above.


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on 04/02/2012

Hey Jerrico, thanks for the tip!

I have a couple of questions:

a) can we do this for any or all of our affiliate links? Can we legally turn a domain name into an affiliate sign up link that's cloaked? or is that against terms of service for affiliates?

b) do you think it would still be effective if we use a .info instead of a .com? often, .info is more available and less expensive than a .com (how about other options such as .us, .biz, etc?)


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on 04/03/2012

Weather or not you can use it on "all" of your affiliate links I'm not sure. Anything that is essentially going to take someone from a link to a site and uses a token/cookie to track where they came from (rather specifically who sent them), absolutely-

The site itself is the affiliate end point, your link or domain forwarding to a link is actually how most people do it! It's no different from using an affiliate infused link on a webpage- your just skipping the webpage or need for hosting and sending them straight there and the token is how they know who sent them!

Since most sales sites or affiliate/clickbank like sitescreate affiliate pages, just differentiating by how they arrived (their server/site just parses the url, records the token (Identifier of who sent them) and generates a cookie based on your account (that you signed up with them and is associated with that ID/token the page they land on is exactly the same no matter how they get there, but the "cookie" created changes based on the token embedded in the url, for here, that's your writer number like =3390 and so on at the end of the url.

that are identical (just how you arrived there based on the cookie information being the only real difference) they don't care how you do it- just as long as you don't forget the affiliate part of the link so you get credit.

When it comes to eBay and Amazon, you'd have to check on those, I know sometimes they have rules for how you send people to the site, it may be no different I just don't have a lot of experience with them I always have used capsules/modules that did that part, I've never tried to send someone there from my domains (I only used adsense for years!).

So sites like Squidoo, Infobarrel, Wizzley and that one site I forget it's name, you know the one that treats their users like slave cattle, well anyway, you can use any of those sites and this one in a domain forwarding affiliate link to garnish sign ups and anything sold on clickbank... like your own domain pointing to your clickbank generated affiliate link for example...

Currently just going to my site will land you on my profile page- complete with a cookie :) so anyone who finds my domain will find Wizzley instead. literally they won't land anywhere but wizzley- it's seamless. Give it a try :)

Arriving to wizzley from a forwarded url embedded with a token/affiliate ID is no different from arriving from a link in any page- it's just avoiding the need for hosting and you can just promote the url i.e. in a forum footer on another site etc... (just be careful that it's allowed)...






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