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Anyone here knows about Cemmerce?

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on 01/22/2013

Has anyone ever come across Cemmerce and if you have, have you'll used it? From what I see it's far better than Viglink and Skimlinks as it offers price comparison too. 

Skimlinks does offer price comparison but it's not as good as this (from what I see) and Viglink you'd need to custom code it using JAVA and their API in order to get a price comparison feature onto your site.

I was planning on using Cemmerce on my site and so just wanted to know what you all had to say about it? If it's good probably another option here on Wizzley later on would be cool too. 

I'm not even sure if it's legit! Seems legit though as they've been at NMX etc.

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on 01/22/2013

I don't know anything about it, but I'll follow this topic to learn more.

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